Kenny and Zuke's. Carpe Diem.


When the Drunken Tomato comes to town, misadventures just happen.  It is a fact of life I have come to accept, cherish, and even relish.  And of course, misadventures beg recovery.  So it came to pass that she and I arrived at Kenny & Zuke’s in downtown Portland, a bit after the breakfast hour. We met some friends outside and all went in together.  I was a little dismayed to discover breakfast was no longer being served (how hard is it to serve omelets all day, really?), but was in good company, so I didn’t pitch an enormous flip.  If I’d been by myself though, tables would be flipped!

We all ordered bloodys, and I also ordered an egg salad sandwich for my “breakfast.”

My opinion matched the table's consensus, these bloodys were tasty!  They were rich, hearty, and best of all, spicy.  A bloody with a decent kick that didn’t overpower the rest of the drink.  And a delicious house-made pickled garnish to boot!

While not obscenely plentiful, the garnish had it’s own spicy bang.  Hell, even the salt had kick.  This bloody was all about getting you up, clearing you up, and seizing the day.  I mean, I saw like three carpe diem signs that day, and that is no coincidence; the bloody made it happen!

If only the rest of my meal could match.  The sandwich was bland.  Really bland.  And not just by comparison (although the comparison did make it all the worse).  I know we are just reviewing bloodys, but with “Gobbler” in my name, you have to know I love food and will bring it up from time to time.

I think I’d give this bloody 3.75 celery stalks, but as I’m likely to get beaten by my overlord editor for giving such a score, I’ll round it down to 3.5.

Kenny and Zukes 1038 Southwest Stark Street, Portland, Oregon 97205.  T: (503) 222-3354. [wpgmza id="32"]

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