Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning: How to Make a Perfect Bloody Mary Every Time


Dear loyal Drunken Tomato readers, I have something to confess.  And you may think less of me for it.  But let me explain.

I like bottled mix.  Yes, bottled bloody mary mix.

I peer at the rows and rows of bloody mary bottles in the back corner of my local Bevmo!, and my mouth waters.  I run my fingers along their classically shaped bottles.  I peruse the flavor packets and rim adorning salts.  I get excited when I notice a new addition. And I am, in a word, titillated.

Blasphemous, I know.  But I am who I am.

So as you might expect, at any given time, I have a minimum of two to three bottles in my fridge.  Some are amazing, some taste like a bottle of ketchup, some have a good 50% of your daily recommended sodium intake, but I make it my quest to try them all.  And recently, the bloody mary gods shone their light on a very special mix that I was lucky to try.

Demitri’s produces a unique product known as bloody mary seasoning, which, when combined with your choice of tomato juice, produces a perfectly mixed, perfectly balanced bloody mary every time.  As a side note, the seasoning can also be combined with a great many other ingredients and used as a marinade or spice mix.  I had the pleasure of tasting all four Demitri’s bloody mary seasonings as well as their two RimShot! glass rimming salts.

Bloody Mary Seasonings

Classic: This is your classic bloody mary.  Flavor notes include both Worcestershire and celery salt with little, if any, heat.

Extra Horseradish: Spicier than the Classic, the horseradish adds a brightness and increased depth of flavor without being overpowering.

Chilies & Peppers: Spicier than the Extra Horseradish, this recipe includes loads of extra pepper and produces a heavier, almost smoky flavor.

Chipotle-Habanero: Spicy!  The smoky chipotle aroma meets a very spicy habanero.  Not for the faint of heart.


RimShot!: Lots of celery salt flavor but amazingly not overly salty.

Bacon RimShot!: Lots of smoky salty flavor.

My overall impression is this.  I was very surprised that each seasoning was truly different.  Yes, this means I was drinking all four at the same time (in the name of research of course).  They each had varying levels of spice along with different flavor highlights, and the names of each seasoning were correctly descriptive.  This means the choice is up to you.  All were good, but my personal preference went to the Extra Horseradish recipe.  The Classic was a little too classic and simple for me, while the Chilies & Peppers was too peppery and the Chipotle-Habanero was just way too damn spicy.  The brightness of the Horseradish combined with a little bit of spice was perfect for my palate.  I also really dig the regular RimShot!, because, well, I’m a sucker for celery salt.  As for The Celery Stalker, his fave was the Chipotle-Habanero, because he likes his bloodys burning a hole through his mouth.  And of course, he liked the Bacon RimShot!  Bacon…

For its ease of use, variety of flavors and down right delicious offerings, Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasonings and Rim Shots earn 4.5 Celery Stalks.

Demitri's is available via Amazon, direct through Demitri's website or at a store near you.

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