7 Bloody Mary Choices at Harvey's - San Francisco

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500 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 431-4278 | HarveysSF.com

Seven different bloody mary variations grace the menu at Harvey’s.They are (1) the Bloody Mary Lou Retton made with house infused vodka, (2) the Bloody Mary Christmas with Stoli Jalapeno and house infused vodka, (3) the Bloody Mary Martin with Svedka vodka and house mary mix, (4) the Bloody Mary Montez with Jose Cuervo and chipotle, (5) the Bloody Mary Shelly with Stoli Jalapeno and a spicy rim salt, (6) the Bloody Mary Tyler More with both Svedka Vodka and Absolut Pepper Vodka, and (7) the Bloody Mary Wilson with Svedka Citrus vodka and an extra shot of lemon juice. Time to get you bloodymary on!

Why go? Choices galore. | Price: $9+

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