Best Bloody Marys Nashville - 2018


From tequila spiked beverages at Saint Anejo to curried cocktails from Chauhan, and even a green bloody mary from The Mockingbird, each bar put its own unique spin on this classic drink. 

The first ever Nashville Bloody Mary Festival was a Sunday Fun Day filled with booze, bloody marys, and of course, our Drunken Tomato mascot! I had an absolute blast judging 14 of Nashville's best bloody marys, and I would whole heartedly recommend every single one of them. That's definitely not something I say about all these festivals *ahem* guy with the fish sauce bloody who shall remain unnamed.

Special thanks to all the participants:

Saint Anejo
Jackson's Nashville
417 Union
The Pub Nashville
The Row Nashville
Walker Feed Co
The Mockingbird Nashville
Chauhan Ale and Masala House
Sinema Restaurant and Bar
Scout's Pub
Deacon's New South 
Swezey's Pub

And shout out to all my fellow expert bloody mary judges:

Josh Miller - Founder
Delia Jo Ramsey - Food writer, Founder Dining with Delia Jo
Beth Sachan - Founder Eat.Drink.Smile.
Phillip Fryman - Photographer, Founder Southern FATTY 
Shelley Buchanan - Author, Founder The Drunken Tomato
Dr Brian King - Author, Founder Bloody America

Here are this years winners of the 2018 Nashville Bloody Mary Festival! 

The Best Bloody Marys in Nashville 2018

People's Choice for the Best Bloody Mary in Nashville:
Winner: Swezey's Pub
2nd Pl: 417 Union

Judges selection:
Best Bloody Mary (Traditional recipe)

Winner: Jackson's Nashville
2nd pl: The Pub Nashville

Best Bloody Mary (Original recipe)
Winner: Tànsuǒ
2nd pl: (tie) The Mockingbird Nashville & Epice

Best Garnish:
Winner: Tànsuǒ
2nd Pl: Swezey's Pub