FIG. Creatively Cultivated.


Gazpacho.  Literally.  I could almost begin and end the post with that.  But I'll elaborate.  I'd been eyeing the bloody marys at Fig for quite awhile.  With a Bloody Maria, Classicy Mary, House Mary, Foie Mary and Tomato-Watermelon Mary on the menu, I couldn't help but think the best.  I mean, organic, locally sourced, creatively cultivated brunch and booze?  Perfection!  So when the Celery Stalker and I finally strolled in one morning, my spirits were high (I feel like a pun belongs here, but I will spare you my cocktail humor).  I asked our friendly server about the finer differences between the Classic Mary and House Mary.  The Classic being described only as Richard's Secret Recipe and the House as Karlsson's Vodka and Horseradish Gazpacho.  I eventually left my fate in the hands of our server's prerogative.  Also, just as a side note, the Classic Mary is listed as market price.  That Dick must be some guy.  Anway, I ended up with the House Mary.  And it tasted like Gazpacho.  Yes, spicy cucumbers.  Chunky spicy cucumbers.  Now it was some very fresh Gazpacho.  Fresh tomatos, fresh cucumbers, fresh horseradish for spice, maybe some jalapeno and two deliciously plump olives.  But shit, it tasted like Gazpacho, not a bloody mary.  And maybe that's the point.  I asked for creative and that's what I got.  I'll be back.  But next time, I'm taking my chances with Dick. 3.5 Celery Stalks

FIG Restaurant 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401.  P: (310) 319-3111.

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