Bloody Mary for My Health


Do you ever really need a reason to sit back and enjoy a good Bloody Mary?  *crickets*  No!!!!  Stupid question, right?  That said, any reassurance I can get that validates my decision to abide is more than welcome. And as I was catching up on one of my favorite TV shows, “Bored to Death,” I was delighted to hear the following: Ray: Is it too early to get a drink?

George: NO!!! Never too early for a well made, organic Bloody Mary!  You get your vitamins from the tomato juice and the celery gives you your fiber!

Ray: And the uh, Vodka helps you with your mood first thing in the morning, which is healthy.

George: Exactly.

Jonathan: You guys know a lot about nutrition.

And so I was convinced.  This particular night was a Bloody Mary night.  I had to.  For my health.  And for my mood.