Essex. A Classic NYC Boozy Brunch.


Holy horseradish people!  But bring me another!  The menu says $22.95 for an entrée and three bloody marys, screwdrivers or mimosas.  But “three” tends to be a relative number.  Not to mention, if you don’t happen to imbibe all “three” of your drinks, plan on receiving raffle tickets from your aloof friendly server to be redeemed for even more drinks at the bar.  I was lucky enough to be part of a birthday celebration with a reservation.  This place is mayhem without one, hell, even with one.  But well worth waiting for such a classic New York City brunch experience.  Loud, busy and drunken, with food fit for a hangover.  The bloodys are stiff and spicy.  And though completely dominated by horseradish, damnit, the price is right.   So I’ll give the Essex bloody a solid 3 Celery Stalks and encourage you to take full advantage of this boozy brunch.  Also, the Mexican Matzo Brei is delish.

   Essex 120 Essex Street,  New York, New York 10002.  T: (212) 388-0449.

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