Congregation Ale House. Deal of a Lifetime.

I’ll put it this way.  Go to Congregation Ale House.  Get a bloody mary pitcher for two.  Pay $7.50.  Watch the 25 count pour of Absolut vodka.  Carry your vodka filled pitcher and two celery salt rimmed glasses to your table.  Enjoy your cilantro laced bloody mary and pat yourself on the back for a job well done, because you, my friend, just found the bloody mary deal of a lifetime.  Yes, for only seven dollars and fifty cents you get a pitcher full of a uniquely flavored, properly garnished and vodka loaded bloody mary.  Oh, and it’s pretty damn good. At Congregation Ale House, the cilantro reigns supreme.  Having only encountered a cilantro spiked bloody on one other occasion, I was happy to see this refreshing twist.  Add in a strong tomato base and a lime and olive garnish, and we have ourselves a light and bright cocktail.  But it’s not without drawbacks.  The lack of a straw may be off putting to some, if only for the fact that each drunken sip also begets a slightly overpowering celery salt perfume.  But the more you drink, the less salt on the rim and, of course, you have an entire pitcher to drink.  And for those seeking some heat in their hair of the dog, be forewarned that my bloody was completely lacking in spice.  I did, however, eye a few bottles of Tabasco behind the bar, and for $7.50, that should do the trick.  Pair this bloody with Congregation’s delicious breakfast flatbread or a $4 breakfast sandwich and you have yourself a hell of a good brunch at at a damn good price.

3 Celery Stalks

Post script: Bingo begins at 3pm.  BINGO, I say!

Congregation Ale House. 300 South Raymond Avenue,  Pasadena, California 91105.  Tel: (626) 578-0166. [wpgmza id="52"]

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