Delta Airlines. Bloody Marys from a Bygone Era.


I affectionately call it “The Delta Mix.”  Mr. and Mrs. T’s, two Skyy vodka minis and a lime wedge, if you’re lucky.  And on this day, I was lucky.  On an 8:00 am flight bound for Portland, Oregon, I found myself not only upgraded to business class but, more importantly, with a lime in my bloody mary.  You see, I appreciate an upgrade, but what I really appreciate is a piece of history.  Let me explain. On its own, Mr. and Mrs. T’s just is what it is: salty and thick with a bit of spice, in need of plenty of ice and, of course, plenty of vodka.  So as that cart approaches, ask for two vodkas with your mix and if the stars are aligned, you’ll be presented with the magical ingredient needed to solidify the concoction that is The Delta Mix—lime.  You see, lime is the key here.  It brightens, it freshens, it cuts through the sludgy saltiness that is Mr. and Mrs. T’s and, as you will soon see, it has come to represent that bygone era of flying in style.  Hand cut lime wedges, lofted upon a bright red bloody, beckons a time when flying was not just a matter of getting from one locale to another, but rather a matter of truly jet setting.  Friendly attendants, free meals, enjoying a ciggie in the back of the plane, it beckons a time when friends and family bid you farewell at the gate, greeted you upon arrival and, if you can recall such an era, a time when we did not sigh at the thought of airport security.  Yes, this is the magic of lime.  It reminds us to enjoy the little things.

So although flying “just isn’t what it used to be,” I know that each time I reach for The Delta Mix, it will stand the test of 35,000 feet, serving not only as a stress-easing cocktail but also a reminder that flying can still be glamorous, if you know where to look.

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