The Puerto Vallarta Bloody Mary. A More Suitable Version of Itself.


Wonderful, wonderful Puerto Vallarta.  If I could dub this post, I would.  As your eyes moved along these words, I’d play this calming tune in the background.  And as I guided your imagination along the warm, sandy beaches, passed the playful ocean waves and toward the refreshing infinity pool, I’d place an ice cold bloody mary in your hand while you rested peacefully upon a float beneath the afternoon sun. Having recently had this exact experience, I can only say that it was pure bliss.  And even the bloody mary, which some might be wary of in such a warm climate, managed to fit perfectly into the equation.

Vista Vallarta

Based on my experience with three different bloody mary purveyors (Secrets Vallarta Bay Resort & Spa, Vista Vallarta Golf Club and Wings inside the Puerto Vallarta airport), I can only assume that a well-defined, Puerto-Vallarta-specific bloody mary recipe has emerged.  At each locale, the recipe was the same.  Jumex brand tomato juice, a light to moderate amount of Tabasco, lots of lime juice, a little salt and pepper and a splash each of Worcestershire and soy sauce.   Now of course, soy sauce was the weird one out, but think of it as more of a salty finish than an allusion to salty sushi.  The tomato juice was lighter and less paste-like than, say, Campbell’s, and when combined with lots of ice, made for a rather bright and easily drinkable cocktail.  After all, no one wants heavy, salty, pasty cocktails in ninety degree heat.


By increasing the amount of lime juice and using a better than average tomato juice, the fine cocktail peddling establishments of Puerto Vallarta have transformed what could have been a very bad poolside drink into a lighter, more refreshing  and more suitable version of itself.  2.5 Celery Stalks.

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