Get Ready For Brooklyn's First Annual Bloody Mary Festival!


Here at The Drunken Tomato, we have a slightly unhealthy obsession with bloody marys.  But I am happy to say that we are not alone.  On Sunday, April 27, 2014, New York based bloody mary enthusiasts will converge in Brooklyn for its First Annual Bloody Mary Festival.  Featuring three hours of unlimited bloody mary tastes from ten Brooklyn bars and restaurants, celebrity judges (including yours truly) and a people's choice award for best bloody mary, hosts Evan and Yunna Weiss of the Bloody Mary Liberation Party have put together one epic bloody mary bash.  I had a chance to catch up with Evan on what inspired the festival, why we love bloody marys so damn much and what he looks for in great tomato-based cocktail.

What inspired you to host the 1st Annual Brooklyn Bloody Mary Festival?

It’s an idea that I had been kicking around for some time. There are a few small, usually one-time, Bloody Mary contests that pop up in New York City but nothing on a larger “festival” scale.  I found this to be mind-blowing considering that “brunching” is a commonly used verb here.

The impetus was a Bloody Mary Festival in Highwood, Illinois. In just its fourth year, it has become a 2-day festival that attracts over 3,000 people. We are looking to replicate that here in Brooklyn. The response to our festival has been so overwhelming that we have no doubt that it will happen.

 Why is the Bloody Mary so beloved in New York City?

Besides the fact that its arrival in the U.S. was here in New York City, there is no cocktail that typifies life in the Big Apple like a Bloody Mary. Living in NYC, from the moment you step outside your door, you never know what to expect: Will I be able to catch a cab? Is my train running? Power outage? Traffic jams? All you can expect is the unexpected. It’s the same experience with a Bloody Mary. Each one that you try will be different. Some will bring a very pleasurable experience and some will not. But the possibilities are endless. And that is part of the excitement and allure. Just like living in NYC.

 Why should people attend?

If you are a Bloody Mary lover, your taste buds will be blown away by what Brooklyn’s most creative chefs and mixologists are doing with your beloved cocktail.  It is no longer just a brunch drink. Bloody Marys are popping up on cocktail menus all over the Borough. I was recently served an amazing one in a martini glass. And if you aren’t a fan, you should still attend because I am positive that you will find a Bloody concoction at the Festival that will be to your liking.

 What do you look for in a good bloody mary?

Three words: Balance. Balance. Balance. Enough said.

Whose bloody mary are you looking forward to most?

In organizing this festival, my wife Yunna and I have been all over Brooklyn tasting dozens of Bloody Marys. It’s been a tough task but we feel as if we are doing it for the good of the people. The legwork is done. We have found the BEST Bloody Marys in Brooklyn. At the festival, you will taste Bloody Marys that are: Asian-inspired with Kimchee and Nori (Lucky Luna), contain rye stout and caraway seeds (Bearded Lady), West Texas style and garnished with bacon and dill (606 R&D) and seven other delicious and innovative mixes that their creators do not want to reveal. Come with an open mind and be prepared to taste many new and delightful flavors.

For more information, please visit the Bloody Mary Festival page.  Tickets include unlimited bloody marys and brunch snacks.

Get your tickets before April 11 for an early bird special (just $30).