Altitude. Proper Poolside Bloody Marys at a Price.


Last week, I was so LA.  On Friday, I took in the late night sights and sounds of West Hollywood for the first time.  On Saturday, I laid pool side on a hotel rooftop in Beverly Hills.  On Sunday, I enjoyed 85 degree weather.  And on Monday, I was awoken by my very first California earthquake. I hate to admit it, but this town may be growing on me.  As I updated my Twitter feed from my umbrella covered sun lounger, I realized this could easily be a vacation for many people.  The warm SoCal sunshine was allowing me to do things in March that couldn’t be done until June or July in many other locales.  So I let it all soak in.

Against my better judgment, I ordered Altitude’s $16 bloody mary described as “our personal mix made daily, Queen Olive and lemon.”  Though definitely not the most expensive bloody mary I’ve ever ordered, I tend to have a hard time justifying the price tag when it arrives in a plastic cup.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised.

Super spicy with lots of black pepper bits, this bloody mary hit the spot.  Its light consistency was perfect for the hot day, and a complex flavor profile reassured me that this was in fact a handmade, personal mix made daily.  With little to no horseradish, the spice level relied purely on a hot pepper/hot sauce heat, and a small garnish of green olive and citrus provided a light acidity.

But damn, it was $16.  I may be so LA, but even I had to wince at that price.

For a downright delicious, albeit expensive, bloody mary, Altitude receives Four Celery Stalks.

Post script: I seriously just bought an at-home spray tan machine.  Someone please slap the LA out of me.  Thanks.

Altitude 465 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048.  T: (310) 247-0400 [wpgmza id="14"]