Bloody Marys, Oysters, and a Double Decker Bus


During my grueling 28-day Kickstarter campaign, I learned three things. (1) I have the most amazing and supportive friends a girl could ever ask for, (2) there is a job I hate more than being a corporate lawyer: marketing, and (3) loan sharks are everywhere, including Kickstarter. But crowdfunding is rough, and not everyone succeeds. So when I heard about this super cool London-based crowd-funding campaign called The Bloody Oyster, I knew I had to do my part to spread the word. The Bloody Oyster is a traveling dining experience at which guests will find unusual shakes & shucks of Britain’s finest pick-me-ups: The Bloody Mary and The Oyster. Created by chef, Ed Ford, and cocktail enthusiast Ben Hamilton, the duo is dedicated to sourcing the freshest ingredients and serving experimental concoctions, alongside the classics, in convivial environments.

Bloody Mary enthusiasts will enjoy the Bloody Maria infused with rosemary smoke or the tangy Red Snapper with kaffir lime leaves, as well as signature cocktails, all crafted by award-winning mixologist Iain McPherson. Oyster lovers will relish serves of the humble oyster with a twist, as well as inventive creations, such as smoked oysters with parmesan and prosciutto.  Guests will be encouraged to share their flavor preferences with The Bloody Oyster's team, who will find matches to suit their tastes.

And it's a double decker bus, people!

The Bloody Oyster team will be having a Rocks 'n' Cocks' bloody mary and oyster event this Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at the Doodle Bar, Battersea, London.

You can find all  The Bloody Oyster project details, including the double decker bus schematics, at