Who Wants 150 Bloody Marys?

The Drunken Tomato Awards is an International Bloody Mary Competition that brings the bloody mary community together to reward the hard work and passion of makers in the industry.

2018's Best Bloody Mary Mixes

The 2018 Drunken Tomato Awards results are finally in! Back in January, seven steadfast judges drank and reviewed a total of 208 bloody marys over two days. It was amazing. It was epic. It was glorious. And now we are happy to congratulate all the winners! 


150 Bloody Mary Giveaway

To celebrate the 2018 Drunken Tomato Awards winners, we're giving away products from 12 of the top bloody mary brands! One lucky person will win enough mix to make 150 bloody marys! Here's the list of prizes!

  • Savor & Salt - Mexican Bloody Mary Mix
  • The Murphy's Famous Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
  • Vivio's Bloody Mary Mix
  • Forest Floor Foods Bloody Mary Seasoning Mix
  • Sportsman's Redneck Juice - Clam Diggers
  • Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning - Classic Recipe
  • Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning - Chilies & Peppers
  • Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning - Chipotle Habanero
  • Parker's Hangover Tonic
  • Charleston Mix - Fresh & Veggie
  • Minnesota Mule Dry Bloody Mary Mix
  • Demitri's Bacon Rimshot!
  • Forest Floor Foods Bloody Mary Spiced Rim Salt
  • Forest Floor Foods Spicy Swizzle Stix

This prize pack is unlike anything you've ever seen. Plus we will definitely be including some sweet Drunken Tomato swag. Here's your chance to try some of the best bloody mary mixes in the world!

Just click on the button below to enter. 

Plus, come back to check your entries and refer friends to get even more chances to win!

Giveaway Rules - Winners must live in the continental United States and be 21 years of age or older. The giveaway is open until Wednesday, March 7, 2018. A winner will be randomly chosen on Thursday, March 8, 2018. For our complete terms and conditions please click here.