S1E7 | What is a Bloody Mary? with Julian Douglas

The Drunken Tomato Season 1

7 Cities
8 Industry Experts
1 Cocktail
In season 1 of The Drunken Tomato web series, Shelley travels the United States in search of an answer to one very important question, “What is a Bloody Mary?”

Episode 7 | Interview with Julian Douglas

In episode 7, Shelley meets up with Julian Douglas, Founder of Listen, Journey, Savor, at Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster in Hermosa Beach, CA to discuss stalkers, traveling the world, and of course, what is a bloody mary.

📍Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster, Hermosa Beach, CA | https://www.playahermosaoyster.com/
👉🏼 with Julian Douglas | http://listenjourneysavor.com/