The StillRoom. RIP.


I had been mulling over what I thought was a semi-genius, artfully entertaining way of reviewing my bloody mary at The StillRoom.  It involved something along the lines of trying to explain those things that seem completely unexplainable.  I thought about a fellow I once met who told me he didn't like movies.  I thought about the biological, the technological and the unseen chemical interactions that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  I thought about the Yelp reviews that disproportionately and curiously mentioned a StillRoom bartender named AJ.  It was all coming together.  Until I saw that unfortunate letter on the restaurant's front door: The StillRoom has closed its doors, permanently.  It all seems moot now.  But as a final homage to this fine establishment, I will honor the delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, innovative cocktails and Mr. AJ, one of Pasadena's best new bartenders and the final piece that makes the unexplainable explainable again. I had walked into The StillRoom fully intending on ordering some other fanciful cocktail.  It was happy hour, and I was eyeing something referred to as a Hot & Dirty Stilltini when I noticed Mr. AJ preparing a bloody mary.  Freshly cut jalapeno was muddled with freshly torn cilantro.  A squeeze of lime was met by a pour of Belvedere vodka.  All was combined with a bright red tomato base and served in a tall pilsner glass.  It looked delicious.  And it was.  The freshness of the ingredients was immediately apparent, and the Belvedere vodka both complemented and elevated the bloody mary's already high quality.  Though missing the traditional celery stalk garnish, the two plump olives combined with another slice of freshly cut jalapeno provided a nice accompaniment to an already enjoyable bloody.  Now, moving on to the seemingly unexplainable piece to all of this.

Sometimes one only needs a small amount of information to explain an otherwise perplexing situation.  Here, that missing piece is AJ.  He's ridiculously hot.  And as he slings those cocktail glasses and as time progresses, his shirt somehow becomes increasingly more unbuttoned, and you really just can't look away.  It kinda felt like this.  But when all is said and done, I know the fine folks at The StillRoom will be missed not just for their ridiculously hot (I seriously cannot emphasize this enough) bartender, but for all that they had to offer, including a delicious bloody mary.  Four Celery Stalks.

The StillRoom 181 East Glenarm Street, Pasadena, California 91105.  T: (626) 799-0700.

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