Oh, Snap! Gin for the Win at Scofflaw Chicago


Have you ever walked into a bar and thought, “I just know I’m gonna have a stellar cocktail in this joint?!”  Well, indeed, my intuition was spot on at Scofflaw. This inviting, notoriously-known-for-its-cocktails, bar with its dual fireplaces, vintage, reclaimed furniture and brick and wood accents, was the perfect spot to cozy up for a belly-warming Bloody Mary.

Scofflaw’s Red Snapper is their take on a Bloody Mary, substituting Martin Miller’s Gin for the usual vodka.  Naturally curious about the use of gin, I had to get the lowdown from the bartender about pairing it with their mix.  To my surprise, she poured me a taster to try for myself and began to share a little background. Not your typical rail gin, Martin Miller’s has notes of cucumber and is distilled in London with water flown in from Iceland.  Poured over crushed ice, which I have to admit, I love, the house made mix has an orangey color to it which comes from one of its ingredients, yellow mustard. I’ve never even thought about using mustard, but man does it work and you can definitely taste it.  Rounding out the flavors – Worcestershire, lemon juice, and sriracha, giving it a slight heat. As you can imagine from the acidic ingredients, there’s a little bit of sour bite, but the taste is smooth, bold, complex and frankly, one of the better Bloody Marys I’ve tried.   A garnish of a sweet gherkin pickle, a block of cheddar cheese and a fresh hunk of salami sit proudly atop this masterfully crafted concoction.

On the food side, I have to give a shout out to the chef for the ingenious idea to add Bloody Mary home fries to the menu and you bet I gave them a try.   These crispy potato cubes arrive in a bowl tossed in a Bloody Mary aioli with minced garlic and green onions on top. Interestingly enough, the recipe used in the aioli is a completely different recipe than the one used in beverage form.  I guess the kitchen wanted its own glory! The aroma of garlic and spice is a pungent kick in the nose reminding me of eating a delicious hot wing. Definitely a solid pairing to kick start day drinking!

4.5 celery stalks

Price: $8

3201 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

About The Author

Based in Chicago, Jason is a Bloody Mary enthusiast in search of the best eats, drinks and vodka-soaked tomato concoctions the Windy City and beyond has to offer.  Sunday Funday Lover, Curious Foodie and Avid Explorer, there’s never a dull moment in his adventures.

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