Prune. Consume With Your Eyes.


So I was having a bit of trouble writing this review.  I mean, I read the Buzzed Assassin's concise, yet eloquent analysis of our bloody mary mission.  The ins, the outs, the twists and turns, the hymen references and all.  I agreed with the good Assassin that my bloody mary (in this case called the Chicago Matchbox) was "rounded out," "not overpowering," and by far, "remarkably well balanced."  His assessment was quite spot on in fact, yet something perturbed me.  I reflected upon the bloody mary pictures we had taken that day.  Prettier, lighter, both alluring and enticing.  It was simultaneously a work of art and a delicious libation.  I had heard through those cooking related reality tv shows that we first and foremost eat with our eyes.  And with this bloody mary, that statement was true.   But the real power and strength of this fancy bloody was not that it was the most unique, delicious or even memorable cocktail.  It was merely the most appealing.  In other words, the bloody marys at Prune are like the lovely ladies of a brothel lineup.  Damn straight you're getting something good.  But you review the menu.  Plain and classic, wild and crazy, kooky and bizarre.  It's your choice.  But in the end, you choose the prettiest one.  Not because it's the best, most zealous or even most eager to please, but because you first and foremost consume with your eyes.  This bloody mary was by far the prettiest I've ever seen.  And whether that should or shouldn't count towards its popularity or perceived superiority, it somehow does.  I'd like to agree with so many others that Prune serves up the best bloody in the city, but in the end, I can only say that what you're really getting is a tasty but fashion forward bloody mary riding the coattails of its own popularity. 3.5 Celery Stalks

Prune 54 East 1st St,  New York, New York 10003-9313.  P: (212) 677-6221.

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