Ninety Bloody Marys in Ninety Days.

It’s officially summer, and I have a dream.  I dream about a warm, sunny, beautiful three months of day drinking, bar crawls and epic bloody marys.  I dream about writing a book overflowing with vibrant photos and enthusiastic reviews of the best bloodys in town.  And I dream about bringing this ultimate guide book to you, my fellow bloody mary enthusiasts. So here’s the deal.  I want to drink ninety bloody marys during the ninety days of summer.  I’ve compiled a list of what I hope will be the best drunken tomato cocktails in Los Angeles and Orange County.  But I need your help.

Has my bloody mary obsession gone too far?  Would you be interested in The Drunken Tomato’s Ultimate Bloody Mary Guide to Los Angeles and Orange County?  And if so, what fine cocktail slinging establishments do you recommend in sunny SoCal?