Buffalo Jerky Bloody Marys at Linda's Tavern - Seattle

Linda's Tavern Bloody Mary Seattle


707 E. Pine St., Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 325-1220 | www.lindastavern.com

Linda’s Tavern pumps out a salty, savory, hangover ass-kicking mix of epic salt proportions. Black pepper bits and a hint of horseradish wake up your dulled senses from a night of cheerful excess. A lingering, burning heat makes sure you know it’s time to start drinking again. And for a dollar more, you can upgrade to the Bufflao Mary, topped with a big piece of buffalo jerky to give you all the energy you need to keep the party going.

Why go? Savory, salty hangover relief. Price: $8, add $1 for Buffalo Mary

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