La Flaca. An AYCD Boozy New York Brunch.


Sometimes, brunch isn't about the bloody mary. It's not about the micro-green topped organic omelets or Niman Ranch bacon. It's not about the mint-scented guava mimosas or hollandaise-topped anything. Sometimes, it's just about getting shit faced with your best friends on a beautiful sunny day. [tweetthis url=""]"Sometimes, it's just about getting shit faced with your best friends on a beautiful sunny day."[/tweetthis]  On my last trip to New York, I had the absolute pleasure of drinking the day away with some of my closest friends. To say that I miss New York is to say that I miss an entire way of life. The smell of other people's trash, the semen trees in the Spring time, the relentless jaywalking and the constant hum of the city all remind me that New York will always be home.

My day began with one very important stop: AYCD brunch. Brunch at La Flaca consists of 2 hours of bottomless drinks and an entree of your choice for just $22. Drink choices include orange juice, frozen margarita, sangria, bloody mary, La Flaca Amber Ale or mimosa. Mimosas and flavored margaritas are $1 extra. In other words, La Flaca is easily one of the cheapest all you can drink brunches in the city.

La Flaca Bloody Mary

Mimosa at La Flaca

Frozen Margaritas at La Flaca

La Flaca Bloody Mary

Drunken fun! :)

Four Steps to Brunching at La Flaca

  1. Order the bloody mary first, but don't expect to enjoy it. The bloody mary is subpar to say the least. There's nothing really offensive about it, but the watery consistency just doesn't do anything for you. I still suggest getting one, because, well, they're included and it's nice to start with a savory drink. But I doubt you'll be ordering another. So sip, sip, and move to step 2.
  2. Pick your poison. After your bloody mary, you could easily head in any direction. But please make sure to stick with just one choice. You don't want to be hitting hangover hell, because you just chased a bloody mary with a beer followed by a mimosa and a heavy swig of frozen margarita.  Speaking of which...
  3. Frozen margaritas? I don't know who the hell is ordering pitchers of frozen margaritas at 11am on a Saturday, but I guess you have the option. Of course, my table "accidentally" acquired one, so I had to sample the tequila-loaded lime squishy drink. It just seemed... strange. Another place, another time, maybe.
  4. Embrace the plastic cup. Look. You're not fancy. You're here one purpose only: to drink. So get it done.

For its bottomless bloody marys, La Flaca earns 2.5 Celery Stalks. But the true value of its all-you-can-drink brunch is immeasurable.

Spicy Huevos Benedictos at La Flaca

The Skillet Brunch at La Flaca

La Flaca 384 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002. T: (646) 692-9259

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