KTCHN DTLA @ The Gorbals. An LA Brunch with Bad Bloody Marys.


I'm Sorry

It has been brought to my attention that, perhaps, I’ve gone a bit soft.  What used to be scathing critique is now just fluffy admiration, and, quite possibly, I’ve been far too generous with my celery stalks.  I see the point.  Demitri’s, George’s, The Murph’s and, most recentely, Gator Ron’s all had four celery stalk reviews.  And in fact, four out of my last five reviews have had an above average rating.

I could be self-selecting, subconsciously choosing the best and avoiding the worst.  Or, as I like to think, what used to be a glut of terrible concoctions in the bottled bloody mary mix market are thankfully no longer, being surpassed by an onslaught of surprisingly well-crafted mixes.

But either way, I’m not doing my job.  And I’m sorry.  So thank you to my fellow bloody mary enthusiast, Evan, for calling me out.  I lift a horrendous, improperly seasoned bloody mary in cheers and dedicate this review to you.

KTCHN DTLA @ The Gorbals

Located in the historic Gorbals building, KTCHN DTLA @ The Gorbals is one of those places that’s just  too hip to handle.  I mean, even the name is too damn hip.  And yes, as far as I can tell, that “@ The Gorbals” bit is part of the name.  The menu has exactly four entrees and three “specials” and more likely than not, two will be sold out by the time you are seated.  It’s just that kind of joint.  So for all the hype surrounding this place, I was expecting something good.  Now, I don’t mean to discourage you from dining here.  They actually delivered pretty great food (inventory aside).  But I will tell you the ugly truth about this otherwise satisfying brunch spot.

The bloody marys are horrible.

I’m talking, well vodka and Campbell’s horrible.  I’m talking, “at least it was cold?” terrible.  I’m talking, “this tall glass of crap just cost me $8” terrible.

I am probably still being far too generous with my celery stalks, but the fact that I got ice with my bloody is a plus, and I did get two standard bar olives.   And I guess it was drinkable.  So for those reasons, I give KTCHN DTLA @ The Gorbals 1.5 Celery Stalks.

KTCHN DTLA @ The Gorbals 501 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 90013. T: (213) 908-2646.

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