Jake's, Palm Springs. Horseradish Assault.


So it kinda reminds me of fish.  Like sushi fish.  Or maybe some other fish.  But in a good way.  And maybe this sounds strange coming from a decade long vegetarian, but let me explain.  Now I've been drinking a lot of bloody marys lately.  In the name of research, of course.  And I've noticed a trend that at first rather pleased me but has now just gotten old.  That trend is horseradish.  And like I say, I'm a fan.  I enjoy a nice spicy bloody mary and one way to achieve that is by adding horseradish.  Maybe even a shit ton of horseradish.  But I'm starting to think that the overuse of horseradish is really just a cover for an otherwise lackluster bloody mary.  And with that in mind, I stepped into Jake's Palm Springs last Saturday.  To be fair, the bloody mary was good.  If the previous five or so establishments that I visited hadn't served such horseradish heavy bloodys, my reaction may have been different.  And, if I was a horseradish fanatic, this would have been five stars.  But that just wasn't the case.  The bloody mary had one note.  Horseradish.  Good horseradish, fresh horseradish.  But horseradish.  I couldn't taste a damn thing else.  Now this is where the fish comes in.  The entire time I was sipping my bloody mary, I couldn't get the idea out of my head.  Fish, sushi, fish, sushi.  Sushi, fish, sushi, fish.  Until it hit me.  This thing tastes like a 16 ounce glass of watered down wasabi. Like, tingling your nose hairs wasabi.  And I just couldn't finish it.  So although it was good, my joy was brief and mostly relegated to the initial horseradish assault on my nasal passages.  Now just as a side note, I had ordered the Spicy Bloody Mary (a steal at five bucks, I might add), but for all you fanatics, they also have a Horseradish Bloody Mary made with Jake's own horseradish infused vodka.  Probably not for the faint of heart.  In the end, I give it 3 Celery Stalks and a promise to return for the Horseradish Bloody.  Next time I'll be prepared.

 Jake's 664 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262-5557.  P: (760) 327-4400.

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