Gift Guide: For The Bloody Mary Enthusiast


The Drunken Tomato has all the gifts you need for that very special bloody mary enthusiast in your life.  Get your bloody mary swag on. I'd Rather Be Drinking a Bloody Mary

1. I'd Rather Be Drinking a Bloody Mary Mug

We know you'd rather be drinking a bloody mary.  We don't judge.

Bloody Mary Pillow2. Bloody Mary Pillow

They're soft.  They're squishy.  They're the perfect spot to rest your hangover laden head.

Bloody Mary Tie3. Bloody Mary Tie

It says, "I'm a classy day-drinker."

Demitri's Pepperoni Straws4. Pepperoni Straws

For when you really need to drink things by way of meat tubes.

Demitri's Bacon RimShot!5. Bacon RimShot!

Come on, guys.  It's called RimShot!  I don't even need to come up with anything witty here.

Bloody Marys: Sanguine Solutions for a Slew of Situations6. Bloody Marys: Sanguine Solutions for a Slew of Situations

When you want to know ALL the ways you could possibly make a bloody mary.

Seattle Pickle Co.7. Seattle Pickle Co.'s Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary Kit

When your secret Santa just needs more pickles in their life...

Brunch T-shirt Heather Navy8. Brunch T-shirt

A standard uniform for him.

Brunch Tank Top9. Brunch Tank Top

A standard uniform for her.

Demitri's Bloody Mary Gift Set10. Demitri's Bloody Mary Gift Set

Get the full Demitri's experience.

Brunch Tote11.  Brunch Tote

Totes totes magotes!

Full Color Bloody Mary T-shirt12.  Eat More Veggies, Drink Bloody Marys

Because you probably should eat more veggies...