Four Goblet Sized Bloody Marys at Talarico's Pizzeria - West Seattle

Talarico's Pizzeria

4718 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 937-3463 |

Enormous pizza slices meet giant bloody marys at this East Coast style pizzeria. Order your choice of four goblet-sized bloody marys including (1) “Talarico’s House Bloody Mary” with J. Wilber’s special blend of spices, (2) the “Spicy Italian Mary” with house-infused chili-pepper vodka and an Italian herbed Mary mix, (3) “The Bloody Caesar” with Clamato juice, and (4) “The Bloody Hog” with bacon-infused vodka and a slice of candied bacon. Each bloody mary also features J. Wilbur’s slightly sweet and slightly spicy seasoning and is garnished with two types of peppers and an olive.

Why go? Big, savory bloody marys. | Price: $10