Five Leaves. A Hurricane of Flavor.


My brunch plans this weekend included a trip to Five Leaves, the hip and happening spot in Greenpoint, one of my favorite neighborhoods to wander around on the weekends.  I had been told really great things about this place, so I was pretty excited.  Everything on the menu looked amazing, including the three choices for Bloody Marys: classic, chipotle ancho and wasabi. As an extremely indecisive person and one who likes to ask for recommendations, the waiter suggested I try the chipotle ancho version.  He informed me that the wasabi one, while he had never tried it, was a weird looking mix of green and red that he didn’t find very appealing.  I just might have to get that one next time though.  It sounds a bit bizarre, but that suits me quite well.  Plus, we all know and love the intense spice factor of wasabi, right?  I digress - this review is about the chipotle ancho Bloody Mary.

The waiter described this drink as “viscous”, which is most definitely appropriate.  I prefer a really thick Bloody Mary and this one was so thick, it came with its own long spoon - just like a milk shake!   You can see from the photo that the bottom half of the glass is really dark – that’s the smoky, peppery goodness waiting to be stirred into a hurricane of flavor.    It was delicious.   Nice and spicy, just the way I like it.  The only negative thing I can say about it is that it could have used a bit more salt.  According to the classic “Five Leaves” Bloody Mary, their mix is made with celery seeds.  Perhaps they should use a dash or two of celery salt as well.  Then it may have come closer to perfection.  A quick (but important) note on garnishes: two large olives and a cornichon did help with the salt issue, but no celery stalk?  How sad!  Regardless, I will give the Five Leaves chipotle ancho Bloody Mary a 4 Celery Stalk rating.  An all around tasty and satisfying treat.

Five Leaves 18 Bedford Avenue,  Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York 11222.  T: (718) 383-5345.

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