Eat Bagels, Drink Bloody Marys and Celebrate The Drunken Tomato: Seattle!


The Drunken Tomato: Seattle is officially live!  And to celebrate, I'm throwing a big "Bloodys and Bagels" book launch party this Saturday.  Tickets are just $25, and you'll get (1) a signed, first edition copy of the The Drunken Tomato: Seattle, (2) bagels with all the fixin's and (3) two trips to the bloody mary bar.

Drunken Tomato Seattle SponsorsWe're serving up Dicul Bloody Mary Mix with an awesome selection of vodka and gin from Oola Distillery.  If you've ever had the Lost Lake Bloody Mary from Cap Hill's Lost Lake Cafe, you know that Oola's Pepper Vodka is where it's at.  We're also super excited to have a great selection of all-natural, gluten-free Krave Jerky at our bloody mary bar!  Here's a run down of our bloody mary bar selections so far:

Olives Celery Pepperoncinis Dill Pickles Spicy Sweet Pickles BACON Carrots Sweet Chipotle Krave Beef Jerky Chili Lime Krave Beef Jerky Garlic Chili Pepper Krave Beef Jerky Basil Citrus Krave Turkey Jerky Beef Straws Cheddar Cheese Cubes Pepperjack Cheese Cubes Colby Jack Cheese Cubes Salami Lemons Limes

We'll also have a big selection of hot sauces so you can build the perfect bloody mary masterpiece.  Get your tickets through Sosh, and come drink the day away with me!

Shelley Buchanan - The Drunken Tomato