British Airways. Simple, yet gratifying.


I'll give it to you straight.  On airplanes, my drink of choice is always the bloody mary.  On a recent flight from JFK -> GVA, I was forced to indulge in an old standby of mine, the ever reliable screwdriver.  Thirst quenching, acidic, restorative?  Yes.  Drunken?  Yes.  But a bloody mary?  No.  Robust, savory, distictive--these are the qualities of a cocktail designed to sustain you at 30,000 feet.   And a screwdriver?  Well, it's no bloody mary. So on my British Airways flight from LHR -> LAX, I was very happy to see that bloodys were indeed available for my long and grueling journey back to the United States.  Now I'll admit it upfront.  Perhaps it was my own excitement, fueled by the anticipation of tasting a proper bloody mary, that leads me to say this.  But, I was content.  Tomato juice.  Vodka.  Worcestershire.  Lemon.  This simple yet gratifying bloody mary, did its job.  And no, it was not spicy.  And yes, it was actually pretty bland thinking back now.  But damn it, it did its job.  And really, that's all I could ask for at 30,000 feet.

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