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* Sleek, Modern Design * * Year, Month, and Week at a Glance * * Social Media Calendar and Monthly Checklist * * 140 Pages, including 9 Printables *


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*Now updated for 2016*

I've been lucky enough to be blogging for a few years now, so I'd like to share some tools that I use to keep this drunken operation running. Today, it's my 2016 Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar. 

This is the exact blog planner that I use for The Drunken Tomato.  Since I've started using it, I can definitely see an improvement in my organization.  I'm getting blog posts done (mostly) on time, and I have a better idea about what my blogging schedule will look like in the months ahead.  The monthly checklist keeps me up to date on rather mundane but definitely much needed maintenance for the website. And tracking different statistics helps me measure my own successes (or failures).

I know there are a crap load of these planners out there, but I decided to create my own sleek, modern, not cutesy, not flowery and definitely not mommy-like blog planner.  I don't need any pretty blue squiggly lines to tell me I need to write more.

How to Use The Blog Planner

  1. Download the PDF using either option below.
  2. Print out the pages you need.  Since it's already June, you don't need to print the entire PDF.  Also, the entire PDF is done in black and white, so don't print in costly color ink!
  3. Bind it.  I three hole punched mine and put it in an old binder.  You can also take it to a place like Staples to get it bound with a spiral or tape.
  4. Get blogging!

2015 Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar 2Here's What You'll Get


  • Year at a Glance: One-page yearly calendar located at the front of your binder for easy reference.
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar: See your month at a glance, and plan out blog posts in advance.
  • Social Media Calendar: Plan posts, questions, quotes and more.  Fill in each social media icon when your task is complete.
  • Monthly Checklist: This is your monthly to do list reminding you to fill out monthly stats, review your most popular posts and more.
  • Weekly Editorial Calendar: Track the progress of blog posts by crossing off each step in the process.

Blog Printables

  • Sponsored Posts List: Brainstorm brand contacts, and keep current brand relationships in mind.
  • Giveaway List: Write down your giveaway ideas.
  • Blog Post Ideas: List with convenient checkboxes to mark off completed posts.
  • Monthly Stat Sheet: Know your blogs stats and growth throughout the year.
  • Giveaway Stat Sheet: Track the progress and success of your blog giveaways.
  • Passwords List: Keep them all in one place, so you never forget.
  • Contacts List: Store all your important blogging contacts.
  • Income and Expenses Sheets: Very important!  Keep track of all your income and expense, so you know just how well your blogging business is doing.  And it makes things sooo much easier come tax time.

2015 Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar 3

Download The PDF

Because I wanted to make this planner as accessible as possible, please feel free to pay what you want! You can download the complete 2016 Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar by clicking the button below.  The only catch is that I do have a small copyright logo on each page.

Get my 2016 planner!

If you prefer to have a blog planner without my copyright label, I am also offering a totally copyright label free planner for just $5.  Please click the button below to download it!

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Happy blogging! And please let me know what you think about the blog planner and editorial calendar in the comments below!