Best Bloody Marys of 2015 - Seattle


2015 was a whirlwind year for Seattle bloody marys.  Ranging from infused liquors to pho broth to cheesy slider garnishes, Seattle's best bloody marys not only impressed us with creativity but also with freshness and outstanding quality.  Check out our best of list below!

Sam's Tavern Bloody Mary SeattleBest Bloody Mary Garnish - Sam’s Tavern

Bakon vodka meets slider garnish in Sam's "Bloody Mary Masterpiece."

Delicatus Bloody Mary SeattleBest Unique Bloody Mary - Delicatus

Two words.  Lamb stock.

Percy's, Seattle Bloody Mary_Best Fresh Bloody Mary - Percy's & Co.

Herb infused liquors combine with a scratch made mix for the ultimate in freshness.

Cafe Flora Bloody Mary_Best Vegetarian Bloody Mary - Cafe Flora

Drink up all those veggies with a nice shot of cucumber-jalapeno infused vodka.

Bell + Whete, Seattle Bloody MaryBest Bloody Mary Variety - Bell + Whete

Cancel the rest of your day, and try all 6 goblet sized bloody marys.

Seattle, Twisted Pasty Bloody MaryBest Build Your Own - Twisted Pasty

Test your bloody mary building skills.

The Maple Bar Bloody Mary SeattleBest All You Can Drink Bloody Marys - Maple Bar

Unlimited bloody marys that don't skimp on the flavor.  Or booze.

Ballard Annex Oyster, Seattle Bloody MaryBest Horseradish Bloody Mary - Ballard Annex Oyster House

Of course an oyster joint would have horseradish vodka.

Lottie's Lounge, Seattle Bloody MaryBest Infused Bloody Mary - Lottie’s Lounge

Beet infused vodka.

King's Hardware Seattle Bloody MaryBest Cheap Bloody Mary - King’s Hardware

Can't beat $4 bloody marys on Sundays and 25¢ Skee-ball.

Seattle, Skillet Bloody MaryBest Bacon Bloody Mary - Skillet Diner

Bacon jam!!!

Bitterroot BBQ, Seattle Bloody MaryBest BBQ Bloody Mary - Bitterroot BBQ

A BBQ bloody mary that knows just how far to push it.

Coastal Kitchen, Seattle Bloody MaryBest Bloody Maria - Coastal Kitchen

Freshly muddled cilantro gives this bloody maria and extra kick of flavor.

Peso's Seattle Bloody MaryBest Spicy Bloody Mary - Peso's

Order the "El Diablo" with house infused seven pepper vodka, and prepare to burn your pretty little wool socks off.

Capitol Cider, Seattle Bloody MaryBest Bloody Mary Flight - Capitol Cider

One flight, three liquors: gin, tequila and mezcal.

Monsoon Bloody Mary SeattleBest Asian Inspired Bloody Mary - Monsoon

Get your day-drinking hands on this pho broth bloody mary.

Fresh Bistro Bloody MaryBest Bloody Mary You Probably Haven't Tried Yet - Fresh Bistro

Seriously, one of the absolute best bloody marys in all of Seattle.

Zayda Buddy's Bloody MaryBest Midwestern Bloody Mary - Zayda Buddy’s

Cheese curd garnish + a beer back = pure, Midwestern joy

Hattie's Hat Bloody Mary SeattleBest Classic Bloody Mary - Hattie’s Hat

You just can't go wrong.

Rock Creek, Seattle Bloody Mary_Best Seafood Topped Bloody Mary - Rockcreek Seafood & Spirits

Get it "Baller" style for a big ol' shrimp and oyster garnish.

Taylor Shellfish Bloody Mary SeattleBest Happy Hour Bloody Mary - Taylor Shellfish Bar

Order up a huge plate of freshly shucked oysters with this happy hour bloody mary.

If you enjoyed this post, check out The Drunken Tomato: Seattle (affiliate link), your guide to the absolute best bloody marys in all of Seattle! 

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