A Wedding Day Bloody Mary. Red Star Tavern via Hotel Monaco.


Dear bloody mary enthusiasts, I know it's been awhile... a very long while.  But I promise to be better.  I must confess that my attentions have been elsewhere.  You know him as The Celery Stalker.  He's kind, sexy, and, most importantly, a fellow bloody mary imbiber.  And dear friends, just two weeks ago, WE GOT MARRIED! Hotel Monaco Portland Wedding

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Marquee

*oooo* *ahhh*

But enough about him... ;)

I'm ready to get back in the bloody mary game, so let's get to it!

I began my wedding day with some chain-smoking,  last-minute vow writing, and a little early morning room service.  Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon is named as one of the best hotels in the USA by US News & World Report.  So I figured it had to be good.  I have personally enjoyed many a happy hour cocktail at the hotel's restaurant, Red Star Tavern, but I've never had the occasion to brunch until now.

My room service arrived with some eggs, potatoes, toast, and a much-needed bloody mary.  Considering my new rather unhelpful Zyrtec-popping addiction, I was pleasantly surprised by the allergy-fighting horseradish punch delivered by this spicy, peppery tomato-rich mix.  But if that wasn't enough,  I was really most impressed by the bold and distinctly not watered down flavor of this room service delivered bloody mary.  I don't know if they do this on purpose, but it really did taste like it was just made.

I'd like to try a Red Star bloody mary while actually dining at Red Star Tavern. But with that caveat, my room service bloody was just what I needed... and just what I wanted to start my wedding day.

For its spicy, horseradish-heavy and deliciously ice cold tomato-y mix, Hotel Monaco earns 3.5 Celery Stalks.

Hotel Monaco / Red Star Tavern 506 SW Washington St., Portland, Oregon 97204. T: (503) 222-0001.

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Post Script: I gotta give props to my sexy ass wedding party.  Shout out to my maid of honor and my very pretty bride's men!

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