A California Fresh Red Pepper and Cucumber Bloody Mary at 1760 - SF

1760 SF Bloody Mary


1760 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 | (415) 359-1212 | 1760SF.com

Bar manager Chris Longoria brings California fresh style to creating ingredient-driven cocktails, and the Red Bell Pepper and Cucumber Bloody Mary at 1760 fits squarely inside that mould. Featuring sriracha, lemon and thyme alongside house roasted bell peppers and refreshing cucumber, this complex brunch drink is treated with the same precision and thought as the most gourmet of entrees.

Why go? A fresh and complex bloody mary. | Price: $13


Shelley Buchanan
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Shelley Buchanan is a fearless adventurer with a liver of steel and an affection for vodka. Author of three bloody mary city guides, founder of The Drunken Tomato and celebrity judge at numerous bloody mary festivals, Shelley travels the world brunching, writing and boozing with fellow bloody mary enthusiasts.