60 in 60 Seattle Update: 31 Days, 33 Bars, 38 Bloody Marys


I am 31 days into my bloody mary tour of Seattle, and I am happy to report that I have managed to knock back 38 bloody marys from 33 different bars and restaurants! Dear bloody mary enthusiasts, can my liver please get some applause?! I originally planned to start my 60 in 60 challenge on June 1, but due to *some evil anti-bloody mary interlopers,* I was not able to begin until June 5.  False start aside, things have been going quite smoothly.  I've enjoyed quite a few.  I've despised some more.  I've learned a few things.  But most importantly, I've gotten things done.  I now have a tentative (I should just commit, right?) launch date of September 15, 2015 for The Drunken Tomato: Seattle.  Check out my fancy new book cover!

The Drunken Tomato Seattle Book CoverI will be providing more details as the launch gets closer, but expect to see some really cool new Drunken Tomato products and an awesome discount for all you loyal readers.  Again, if you have any recommendations for bloody marys in the Seattle area, please send them my way!  I still have time to squeeze a few more in, and I'd like to make sure I find all those really great ones!

Here's my list of things I've learned and places I've visited so far.

Things I've Learned

  1. No Celery.  Good luck finding a celery stalk in Seattle.  Hey restaurants, I know you have them.  I know you used them to make my biscuits and gravy.  I know you got that giant 6 pack of celery from the Costco.  Please, Seattle, can I please just get a damn celery stalk in my bloody mary?
  2. BM Mix + Worcestershire + More Salt = Disaster.  Guys, if you're using a bloody mary seasoning, or even a pre-made bottled bloody mary mix, and you want to jazz it up a bit, please be mindful of the salt.  I don't need a big squeeze of Demitri's followed by five dashes of Worcestershire, a sprinkling of sea salt, a dash of celery salt and salt and pepper rim.  #overkill
  3. But When They're Good, They're Good.  You won't find too many middle-of-the-road bloody marys in Seattle.  From my experience so far, they're either awesome or terrible, with little in-between, and I can appreciate that.  It's a go big or go home kinda town.

Drunken Tomato Seattle

Places I've Visited

I've been to these Seattle spots so far.  From this list, the big stand outs have been Matt's in the Market, Rockcreek, and Bell + Whete, with Manhattan, Bitterroot BBQ, Skillet Diner and Etta's not far behind.

Matt's in the Market Barrio Cafe Pettirosso Manhattan Grim's Rockcreek Seafood and Spirits Local 360 Shorty's Buckley's in Belltown The 5 Point Cafe Bitterroot BBQ The Grange Cafe Ray's Cafe Skillet Diner - Ballard Burgundian Eureka! Duke's Etta's Seafood Cutter's Crabhouse Vons 1000 Spirits Taste at SAM Cafe Campagne The Lockspot Cafe Bad Albert's Hi-Life Tallulah's Canterbury Ale House Coastal Kitchen Linda's Tavern Tanakasan The Lost Pelican Tilikum Place Cafe Bell + Whete

Wish me luck on my next 27 days!