Brophy Bros. A Spicy Yet Balanced Bloody Mary.

3.5 Celery Stalks, Los Angeles Bloody Marys

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Brophy Bros. A Spicy Yet Balanced Bloody Mary.

Cold, Wet, Wind-Blown Rain

I am currently sitting in a twenty year old plum wine colored rocking chair sipping my second cup of hot genmaicha.  The weather forecast for Portland is a 45 degree high with rain followed by heavy rain followed by more rain for as far as my iPhone can see.  I am squarely within the nine month grey period that descends upon the Northwest each year.  And I’m fucking cold.  After spending twenty-two years in Oregon and six years in New York, a measly two years in Southern California has managed to wipe away all my cold weather defenses.  And after only three days in Portland, I’m yearning for my warm, sun-kissed oceanside abode.


So as I sit here in my fuzzy slippers and thick bathrobe, I reminisce of my recent trip to Santa Barbara. Sitting outside, overlooking the harbor, “winter” in SoCal merely requires a light sweater and, perhaps, swapping out sandals for some closed toe shoes.  With its waterfront view, Brophy Bros. offers a second floor perch that’s perfect for sipping bloody marys before venturing on to local wineries.



The Bloody Mary

A deep, Worcestershire flavor provides a full-bodied base to the intensely spicy finish.  But while the heat is no joke, the drink as whole remains incredibly balanced among each classic ingredient.  Acidity plays with the savory notes, and each sip coats the mouth with the perfect consistency.  A thick, celery-salted rim provides a fragrant saltiness, and a standard garnish of olives, celery and lemon top off this savory cocktail.


For its spicy yet balanced classic bloody mary, Brophy Brothers earns 3.5 Celery Stalks.

Brophy Bros.
119 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, California 93109. T: (805) 966-4418.

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