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Salty's Bloody Mary Portland

Salty’s on the Columbia. Habanero Hell.

2 Celery Stalks, Oregon

Sometimes life gives you lemons. And sometimes you don't even get the damn lemons. On a Sunday not too long ago, life gave me a bad bloody mary, not even a lemon to be found. Described as Salty's Spicy Mary with "house infused habanero vodka, house made bloody mary mix, and a spicy rim," I… Read More...

The Smith New York Bloody Mary

Secret Hangovers Call for The Smith’s Secret Recipe Bloody Mary

4 Celery Stalks, New York

I thought I escaped his grasp, even after, for better or worse, following up a rich California cabernet with cheap Asian beer and three courses of extra spicy Thai food. I should’ve known better. My arch nemesis, Evil Hangover, was only lurking, waiting for me to utter seven simple words — “I’m going to have… Read More...

Hotel Monaco Room Service Bloody Mary

A Wedding Day Bloody Mary. Red Star Tavern via Hotel Monaco.

3.5 Celery Stalks, Oregon

Dear bloody mary enthusiasts, I know it's been awhile... a very long while.  But I promise to be better.  I must confess that my attentions have been elsewhere.  You know him as The Celery Stalker.  He's kind, sexy, and, most importantly, a fellow bloody mary imbiber.  And dear friends, just two weeks ago, WE GOT MARRIED… Read More...

Broken Land Bloody Mary-3

Broken Land, Bloody Grand

4.5 Celery Stalks, New York

I've got a theory that drinks mimic their maker. I've nearly lost teeth from the punch of drinks mixed by loud, aggressive bartenders. In the same vein, I've ordered from careless folk and wound up with garnish like something plucked from a Kansas field circa 1932. Some of my more 4:20 minded friends have tossed… Read More...

Brooklyn-Bloody-Mary-Fest IMG_8445

Bloody Mary Enthusiasts Unite at The Brooklyn Bloody Mary Festival


11 bloody marys.  3 hours.  200 bloody mary enthusiasts.  With its unlimited tomato-based cocktail creations, the Brooklyn Bloody Mary Festival was an absolute sold out success. I had the pleasure of judging the competition with three other celebrity bloody mary aficionados.  Matt Bruck of Joios Inc., the lovely Diane Mina, and Mr. Danny Gottlieb each… Read More...

Brooklyn Bloody mary Festival

Get Ready For Brooklyn’s First Annual Bloody Mary Festival!


Here at The Drunken Tomato, we have a slightly unhealthy obsession with bloody marys.  But I am happy to say that we are not alone.  On Sunday, April 27, 2014, New York based bloody mary enthusiasts will converge in Brooklyn for its First Annual Bloody Mary Festival.  Featuring three hours of unlimited bloody mary tastes… Read More...

Altitude Bloody Mary at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

Altitude. Proper Poolside Bloody Marys at a Price.

4 Celery Stalks, California

Last week, I was so LA.  On Friday, I took in the late night sights and sounds of West Hollywood for the first time.  On Saturday, I laid pool side on a hotel rooftop in Beverly Hills.  On Sunday, I enjoyed 85 degree weather.  And on Monday, I was awoken by my very first California… Read More...

Crazy Steve's Bloody Mary Mix, Spicy Rim Salt and Cajun Cukes

Crazy Steve’s Bloody Mary Mix, Spicy Rim Salt and Cajun Cukes

2.5 Celery Stalks, 3 Celery Stalks, Bloody Mary Mix

Today, I woke up early to work.  For some people that means heading to the office, listening to three hour long conference calls, or shuffling around endless amounts of paper work.  But for me, work means tackling the two bottles of bloody mary mix, rim salt and Cajun pickle slices that have been eyeing me… Read More...

Brophy Bros. A Spicy Yet Balanced Bloody Mary.

Brophy Bros. A Spicy Yet Balanced Bloody Mary.

3.5 Celery Stalks, California

I am currently sitting in a twenty year old plum wine colored rocking chair sipping my second cup of hot genmaicha.  The weather forecast for Portland is a 45 degree high with rain followed by heavy rain followed by more rain for as far as my iPhone can see.  I am squarely within the nine… Read More...

The Drunken Tomato Book Trailer

Book Updates

Evidence.  According to Wikipedia, it's "anything presented in support of an assertion."  It's also a horror/mystery/thriller movie from 2013 that I doubt you've seen.  And it's a rather mundane law school class that would only pique a litigator's interest.  But for me, in this instance, when I say "evidence," I mean, it's time to share… Read More...