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The Drunken Tomato Awards 2020

Do you have the world's best bloody mary mix? It's time we find out! The Drunken Tomato is proud to announce our 3rd annual Drunken Tomato Awards! We've assembled an expert team of bloody mary judges who will be tasting, scoring, and ultimately determining who makes the best of the best bloody mary mix!

Why Enter?

Product Insight

  • Know your strengths, know your weaknesses. Each entry will receive a product analysis report that includes a breakdown of the judging sheets, including high and low scores, average scores by judging criteria, and full comments.

Exposure and Bragging Rights

Show the world you're the best of the best with The Drunken Tomato Awards stamp of approval! All winners receive the following:

  • Listing in the online Drunken Tomato Winner’s Guide on

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • 2020 Drunken Tomato digital marketing materials

The Bloody Mary Judging Summit

Meet The Experts

The Bloody Mary Judging Summit will be conducted in Los Angeles, CA on January 19, 2020. A panel of expert bloody mary judges hailing from all over the United States will convene to taste, judge, and ultimately determine the world's best bloody mary mixes.

We welcome the following expert bloody mary judges! 


Liz McCray

Founder, Bloody Mary Obsessed


Jason Pirock

Founder, Eat, Drink, and Bloody Mary

Greg Tooke2.jpg

Greg Tooke

Founder, My Big Fat Bloody Mary


Renee Belanger

Founder, Bloody Good Bloodys


Sara Wagabaza


Carlos Fraticelli

Bloody Mary Judge


Justin Scott Lawrence

Expert Bloody Mary Judge


Emad Ibrahem

Expert Bloody Mary Judge


Natasha Octon

Founder, Natasha’s Food Adventures

Drew Thrall

Bloody Mary Competition Categories

  • Bloody Mary Mix - Mild

  • Bloody Mary Mix - Hot & Spicy

  • Caesar Mix

  • Bloody Mary Seasoning (Liquid & Dry) - No Tomato Juice

  • New Product - Product Launched in 2019

  • Unique Product

All tastings will be blind, and original packaging will not be shown to the judges. Prizes will be awarded for each category. The decisions of the judges are final and in no way reflect the opinions of any sponsoring organizations.


Each entry will be judged by a minimum of four judges. Points will be awarded for appearance, flavor, mouth feel and overall impression. Final scores are determined by averaging all judges scores.

In addition, each entry will be categorized by its structure and flavor profile. This allows brands to identify key marketing words and compare their scores against the industry as a whole.


2019 Bloody Mary Scoring Sheet


How to Enter The Drunken Tomato Awards? 

You may enter as many products as you like. Each category entered requires a separate entry. For example, if you want to enter the mild and hot versions of your bloody mary mix, you must pay for two separate entries. 

For each category submission, please send TWO product samples, along with the appropriate completed entry forms and fees.


Early Bird Pricing: October 1 - 15 - $125 per entry

Regular Pricing: October 16 - October 31 - $145 per entry

Rules and Regulations

  1. Samples submitted must be in a commercial, government label-approved package and MUST be available for purchase, either in the US or in their country of origin, at the time of entry. Entries that do not meet these criteria will be disqualified from the competition without refund.

  2. Please carefully package all entries, as The Drunken Tomato cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred during shipping. Shipping Address: Liz McCray, 4111 Mount Bross Ave., San Diego, CA 92111

  3. Entry period opens October 1, 2019 and ends October 31, 2019.

  4. Samples must arrive no later than November 30, 2019.

  5. Winners agree to allow The Drunken Tomato to use their product name for promotional purposes.

  6. Please note: There are no refunds. Please have your entry in by the deadline.

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