Secret Hangovers Call for The Smith’s Secret Recipe Bloody Mary

4 Celery Stalks, New York City Bloody Marys

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The Smith New York Bloody Mary

I thought I escaped his grasp, even after, for better or worse, following up a rich California cabernet with cheap Asian beer and three courses of extra spicy Thai food.

I should’ve known better.



My arch nemesis, Evil Hangover, was only lurking, waiting for me to utter seven simple words — “I’m going to have a productive day” — before attacking me with a SECRET dose of MIND NUMBING MALAISE!

A productive day was all but DOOMED unless I could find the perfect sidekick to help me defeat him.

But I knew an ordinary bloody mary wouldn’t do…

I needed to battle his SECRET attack with my own SECRET weapon!


The Smith’s bloody mary is practically stamped TOP SECRET on the menu. It’s made with a house recipe that the bartender wouldn’t cough up, even on a slow weekday morning. I ordered it at once, praying it was the perfect antidote to foil Evil Hangover’s mischievous plot.

From the very first sip, the bloody sprang into action. An immediate fierce, peppery smash cracked like a bullwhip across my tongue. Trailing right behind was a slow but energetic explosion of horseradish, forceful but not overbearing. This tag-team duo complimented the somewhat pulpy and flavor-rich tomato body, made sharper by a hint of squeezed lemon garnish.

The front-heavy complexion brought me back from the foggy precipice of doom, but I was not out of the woods yet. Evil Hangover was still hanging on by a thread, and if I wanted a productive day, I needed something more, something like a killer hot sauce finish to fully revitalize my mind. But to my disappointment, there was no throat-cringing heat on the back end.

No worries…

Whatever it lacked in spice, it made up tenfold with the pickled green tomato garnish. One bite into this colorful topper sent an ambush of sweet and sour flavors rocketing all over my mouth.  Adding yet another enjoyable layer to the nicely balanced cocktail, not even Evil Hangover could survive this finishing punch.

And after just one bloody mary, The Smith’s SECRET blend of high-energy bite, bursting at the seams from the very first taste, had done the trick.

A productive day was back in my grasp, thanks to a very worthy sidekick.

4 Celery Stalks.

– The Hangover Avenger

The Smith
55 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10003.  T: 212-420-9800.

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Dan Murphy

He was once an ordinary guy, slugging sports drinks, coffee, and aspirin in futile attempts to defeat ravishing hangovers. But everything changed one Sunday morning when an unknown icy beverage was pressed into his trembling hands. With his head slumped on the bar and splitting migraines cracking like lightning behind his eyes, he grasped the beverage blindly and drank, when…A SPICY TOMATO ELIXIR rushed down into his stomach!! In a split second, his weak and lethargic body was instantly mutated into a STRONG and RESILIENT specimen, capable of even the MOST FEROCIOUS Sunday Brunch festivities!On that morning, The Hangover Avenger was born. Gifted with super human abilities to withstand abnormal levels of spice and possessing ultra-sensitive radar for detecting “second winds,” he scours the streets of New York City in search of the perfect bloody mary sidekick to defeat Evil Hangover forever.
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