Ram Restaurant & Brewery. Vodka, Beer and a RAM K-Bob Bloody Mary.

4 Celery Stalks, Seattle Bloody Marys

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Ram Restaurant & Brewery Tacoma Bloody Mary

Do you know where Allyn, Washington is?  I doubt it.  But I do.  A recent three hour drive from Portland, Oregon to the legit, middle of nowhere Washington left me surrounded by a whole of lot of trees and a whole lot of water with no cell service and no internet.  With my technological attachments temporarily unavailable, I resorted to the elements for entertainment: rowing a boat, sailing the Puget Sound, roasting marshmallows on an open fire.  Clams were collected from rocky shores and fish were caught from the North Bay.  I survived walking across a snail covered “island,” and my sinuses survived the massive pollen assault of such a forested area.

Two and a half days later, I emerged from the wilderness.   A bright urban, waterfront oasis* welcomed me.  Ram Restaurant & Brewery welcomed me.  A sunny, Sunday afternoon brought the crowds out to this popular Tacoma spot, and after a short wait, I sat down to celebrate my survival with Ram’s signature Proud Mary.



This bloody mary offers up a “double shot of Finlandia Vodka with tomato juice and Demitiri’s seasoning, served with chili-lime salted rim, 3 oz. snit of Blonde & RAM K-Bob.”  Since we all know how delicious Demitri’s seasoning is, I will move on.  The refreshing Blonde beer back was a nice counter balance to the spicy tomato mix, and the RAM K-Bob presented a filling appetizer of celery, tomatoes, pepperoncini, a pickled cocktail onion, an olive and two large cheese cubes.  This alone would have been enough to satiate my bloody mary appetite, but something surprising happened.  In all my bloody mary drinking days, I have never come across a chunky lime zest and chili powder salted rim.  Mimicking the same flavors of the bloody mary itself, I quite enjoyed this unique addition.

So as a quick tip, next time you make a bloody mary at home, first, make sure you try one of Demitri’s four bloody mary seasonings, and second, rim your glass with this recipe:

Citrusy Chili Salt Rimmer

  • 1 T. Salt
  • ½ t. Chili Powder
  • Zest of half a lime or lemon

For its perfectly seasoned bloody mary with all the fixin’s, Ram Restaurant & Brewery earns 4 Celery Stalks.

*Okay, okay.  Tacoma isn’t quite a bustling metropolis, but I was coming from Allyn, Washington.  Seriously, look it up.

Ram Restaurant & Brewery
3001 Ruston Way,  Tacoma, WA 98402
T: 253.756.7886

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